we are architects. builders. nerds. estimators.
all under one roof.
we like to do it better, faster, cheaper, smarter.


Box™ is a new breed of architectural practice and construction company. We are architects, builders, project managers, estimators and interior designers. It can be war.

But we all love modernist architecture and to challenge the way homes are designed and built. We want greater efficiency, better value and smarter design.

If you are considering designing and building a new home, contact us and we’ll happily guide you through our process.

Take a closer look at what we do by exploring our galleries.

Above: Every Box™ home is the result of choosing the best construction method and the right design for site and budget. How is Box™ different? – Learn More »

What is a Box Home?

Our unique design-and-build system makes all the difference to the process – and result. The film below explains the Box™ approach.


There are a number of features that define the Box™ aesthetic. We can trace their roots to the architecture of the 1950s and 60s, in particular the Californian Case Study houses. – Learn More »


Box™ sometimes build using the distinctive post-and-beam structure (with or without stainless cross braces) that the company has become known for. This method of construction allows clean lines and floor-to-ceiling glass.


Box™ also reinterprets the mid-century look in a contemporary way, also with no post-and-beam skeleton. The planning is ‘modular’ and offers all the benefits of our design-and-build system, including certainty of cost and build time.


When it comes to new home design in New Zealand, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut the mustard. So we offer a couple of options: a readymade plan that does the business or a custom-designed home that incorporates our proven system and product palette. Either way, we provide you with an architectural service that allows your imagination free rein.



We have a selection of pre-designed house plans. They represent some of the plans we believe work really well and incorporate the Box aesthetic. Perhaps a starting point for your house?



We design your awesome house from scratch using our unique way of doing things. This reduces design costs, makes it faster, and more
cost certain.