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Box: Design, Build & Renovate

Box is both a registered architectural practice (NZIA) and registered Master Builder. Our integrated approach to designing and building a home means you get top notch design that’s value for money. We are a team of design-build experts and entrepreneurs striving to make an archaic industry more productive and cost competitive.

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Custom or Prefab Design & Build

Box is very conscious of our environmental impact. We are interested in efficiency, less waste and off-site manufacturing. If you are looking for certainty of design, time and cost, and like our modernist aesthetic, Box is for you. We embrace “Lean” as a core production philosophy and off-site modular construction to remove as much time and material waste from the process as possible.

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What should I budget?

Designing and building is notoriously fraught with risks and budget overruns. Being an integrated architectural practice and construction company, at Box we have put Certainty back in to the process (with a capital ‘C’). We will help you establish a realistic budget and then guide you through the process, from concept to completion.