Box™ as ‘modular’ house builders

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Box™ Classic, Auckland

MODULAR DESIGN MEANS using our brains

Modular house design is the future of building. That’s what we believe at Box™.  In New Zealand, there’s a long tradition of bespoke design, but the cost of getting every part of every new home custom designed and made is wasteful and simply unnecessary. No wonder architecture has moved beyond the masses. And that’s why the global trend to modular homes makes sense.

Unlike kitset or prefabricated dwellings, modular building is a design philosophy that also makes use of pre-build construction methods. At Box™, we design and build new homes to specific dimensions that are often increments of standard building materials. For example, plywood is sold as a 1.2 metre x 2.4 metre sheet so Box™ will design a home’s plan to a percentage of these dimensions so that there are fewer offcuts of the product. A lot less waste makes for a more eco-friendly home, as well as cost savings for homeowners.

A beautiful example of our modular post & beam system

Standardised components in a Box™ home include the posts, beams, wall panels and glazing panels. The brackets that join our posts and beams together along with the stainless-steel cross braces that anchor the structure are also standardised. The consistency of these parts means significant time saving on design and, because we use a greater volume over all our projects, we achieve economies of scale. Your dollar goes further.

Box™ designers also design repeatable building forms that can be attached to each other, rather like a giant jigsaw, to make up your new home. Since some of the design components are prefabricated then arrive on site to be assembled, your new house will be built more quickly. But, don’t worry, using repeated modules doesn’t mean all our homes look the same. Just browse our gallery to find out how these modular forms adapt to each situation – from the beach to the ‘burbs.

Crucially, what we do, needs to be adapted to different sites and respond to a client’s brief. Each home can still be personalised. That’s important when it comes to the physical and cultural landscape of New Zealand.

Underpinning our love of modular house design is an appreciation of the aesthetics of modernism. We may use standardised components and uniform elements to allow a certainty of cost, but there is no compromise on the look of your home. In the context of Box™, modular means modern.