Chip off the old block


There are some building materials that have earned their place in the hearts and minds of New Zealanders: Fibrolite is one, concrete block is another. A flooring material made from chips of wood is a third.

Box™ Interior Designer Sam Elliott loves using chipboard flooring to capture the nostalgia factor as well as for its good looks. “Strand flooring is a cost-effective option,” says Sam. “And we’ve just developed a batch of new stains that make it look fantastic.” Strand Flooring is made using flakes of wood that are glued together under high pressure. Left its natural colour, it has a casual appeal that fits well with the mid-century aesthetic championed by Box™ and it is perfect to use in a holiday home at the beach.

In a more urban context, many clients are choosing to stain the flooring white – for a fresh, contemporary look – or dark brown, which allows the grain to show through but lends a striking elegance. “If we apply a special stain that makes it waterproof, we can even use Strand Flooring in bathrooms,” explains Sam, “which is great for people who prefer not to have tiles.”

Sam says using this flooring also simplifies the overall aesthetic of a scheme. Currently there’s a trend towards plywood walls and kitchen cabinetry and Strand Flooring teams really well with most woods especially plywood.
In the Corrondella House, the Box™ project that recently received an NZIA Award, the owners chose a mushroom-coloured stain for their Strand Flooring. Teamed with white walls and punches of bold primary colour, such as citrus-yellow lightfittings, the flooring underpins a clean-lined modern home built for a young couple on a budget.

Sam’s message? “Don’t discount Strand Flooring as a relic from the past. It’s a practical option that can be stained to suit your home and looks very now.”