Behind the Scenes

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In this post, Box™ explains a bit about the consent process.

How long does it generally take to get a new home consented by council?

From the time of lodging Building Consent, we allow 8 weeks to start on site. Typically council has an obligation to process consents within 20 working days, however the clock stops if they ask any questions, and it’s a very rare consent that doesn’t have questions asked! Of the 8 weeks between lodging consent and starting on site, we allocate 6 weeks for processing the consent and 2 weeks for pre-construction: lining up sub-contractors, etc.

What could cause hold ups?

These are due to (i) council requesting clarifications or specifications (ii) council requesting extra details to those within the lodged set (iii) additional specialist reports being requested by council from consultants such as arborists, iwi, traffic engineers or geo-tech engineers.

What is the Box™ advantage?

We have lodged many consents around the country and refined our lodgement sets to minimise extraneous requests. The details for our projects are consistent, and therefore council may have already assessed them. In fact, we have in the past worked closely with various councils to make sure they are happy with our detailing in R&D stages with a view to streamlining the processing time.