On the Case

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Anyone who has taken even the most cursory glance at our website (and if not, why not?) will know we’re mad on modernism.

We worship faithfully at the altar of the Case Study Houses from California.

They are the inspiration for our post-and-beam system aka the Box™ Classic. Like many of our designs, they featured cocktail-ready internal courtyards, full-height windows and doors, and made prudent use of pre-fabricated materials.

Here are a few more facts:

• They were experiments in American residential architecture from 1945-66 as a way to build inexpensive, efficient model homes for a post-war housing boom. There were 36 designs in total.

• The programme was sponsored by influential Arts & Architecture magazine (any local publications keen to replay that business model?).

• Designed by the top architects of the day including Richard Neutra; Craig Ellwood; Pierre Koenig and Charles & Ray Eames.

Read more about modernist architecture and the Case Study programme on a feature page on our website »