7 Reasons Box™ is different (in a good way!)

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There are so many generic house companies out there and some even have the budget to rope in celebrities to help them advertise on TV. So how do we stand out from the crowd? Well, apart from our work which speaks for itself, we think there are eight great reasons to choose us over the others. Here’s our BuzzFeed-style way of raising our head above the rest…

1. We are an architectural design and build company.

Other “group” house companies that offer to design-and-build you a home with customisable plans are actually construction companies with some good marketing behind them which means, the design of your house is driven by the build. And, while a registered architect can certainly plan a good-looking, bespoke home – it will cost – and the construction is outsourced. At Box™, we put as much emphasis on the quality of the design as we do on the quality of the build.

2. We are an all-in-one team that manages a project from concept to completion. Many other generic home companies outsource design to an architect or architectural designer. They outsource the draughting of the plans – or the construction. When you are considering a company to design-and-build your home, peel back the layers to find out the true set-up of the company. At Box™, we employ designers, draughts-people, quantity surveyors, project managers, builders and apprentices. We take total accountability all the way through. If something goes wrong, there is only one company to blame.

3. We design to a modular grid. This means we take our cue from the standard size of materials readily available – which means less material waste to landfill – and becomes more cost-effective to build.

4. We offer a cost-effective building system. We’ve developed a standard way of building modernist-style homes that uses a unique kitset of parts which includes some standardised parts that can be built off site. All Box™ houses have standard architectural details such as full-height joinery.

5. We believe in quality over quantity. Houses in New Zealand are bigger than they need to be – and often at the expense of good design. We encourage our customers to put their money into good design detail, not extra floor space for the sake of it.

6. We are members of the Sustainable Business Council and are Carbon Zero certified. We are interested in efficiency as a key driver to sustainability. Making homes energy efficient, making construction process more efficient and ultimately delivering spaces that people really enjoy.

7. We are a really keen, passionate, cool, groovy bunch of people (says Dan). We love what we do and are thoroughly approachable (no debate on that). For evidence, check us out in our profile shots on the website: we’re all wearing checked shirts – and not a hipster beard to be seen!