The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary IS THAT LITTLE EXTRA (Jimmy Johnson)

And that’s something BOX™ is really good at.

Last month our rather clever and very important member of the team at BOX™, interior designer, Sam Elliott – won an award at the Trends International Design Awards for New Zealand Kitchens. Her award was Highly Commended.  Here she is photographed receiving her award and again with Paul Taylor, Editor of Trends Magazine.


In her interview with Stuff News, Sam explains how to go about choosing designs and finishes that won’t date, without upsetting a potential resale price for the property further down the line. I guess many of us are guilty of taking the more conservative approach in our choices for those reasons.

However, if we can push a little outside our comfort zone, we might not only surprise ourselves but be very pleasantly rewarded by the end result!

This ‘wow’ factor that we all want to attain, in the spaces where we spend most of our time, undeniably the living and kitchen, will not be achieved by remaining passive in our choices. By adding a little colour to a kitchen backsplash or highlighting a wonky door or beam with an interesting material, or simply placing a band of ones favourite colour in the edges of the carcass -the gap between the benchtop and kitchen drawers; it is possible to deliver a design that is not only pleasing to the eye but makes the kitchen an interesting and perhaps more vibrant space to work in. Let’s face it, we spend many hours of the day in there, so let’s at least make it an engaging place to be.

A good example of this creativity was on the Grand Designs programme earlier this month, where the couple designing their kitchen used a Mondrian inspired technique of working on a grid pattern of three primary colours against a white background. This was a very clever use of colour against a simple background, unlikely to date because it’s subtle yet striking without being  too over the top.

So let’s give ourselves a wee nudge when we’re considering our kitchen design.

Sometimes going just that little bit further, to push things past the point of uniform procedure can be a very pleasing and exciting experience.

Here at BOX™ Sam can help you with your interior design ideas . She’ll give you the best advice for your spaces as well as your wallet. And, more importantly she’s really nice too!

Take a look at our website for further kitchen ideas from some of our completed projects.

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