Christmas is coming…

…And we reckon we’ve found a gift that, similar to our offering, is cost effective ($50) and will satisfy the design-minded. Plus it will provide hours of pleasant summertime reading as you imagine yourself in your own new pad. Small House Living: Design-Conscious New Zealand Homes of 90m2 or less, by Catherine Foster, expounds what we’ve been saying all along – build for quality not quantity! That’s probably why the book features one of our very first homes – an 88-square-metre retreat in Sunnyvale, West Auckland.

Small House Living

The owners are keen hikers and they modelled their ideas on a tramping hut with lots of plywood and a tented double-height ceiling.  They also liked the notion of an environmentally sound house that sat lightly on the land. However, proposing to build such a small, eco-sound house on the property initially fell foul of the bank’s loan-to-value ratio for the area. Some clever lateral thinking by Box™ saved the day! Read more about how we solved the conundrum, and discover some other great little spaces these holidays.