Two Heads are Better than One

We enjoy working with owners who have strong opinions – no, really we do – since it helps us push the boundaries of our own thinking. One recent project is the perfect example of how good things happen when creative tension and collaboration meet.
In the Hillsborough home of Hamish and Diane Divett, which featured on the TV show Grand Designs, the owners challenged our first concept, which they said didn’t quite hit the mark. Then they sent Box architect Tim Dorrington up a tree! Climbing ladders perched against pohutukawa gave Tim a much clearer picture of what was required on this precipitous site – and the resulting home is so much better for it. Diane, too, had her own ideas about the stair banister. She wasn’t keen on our tried-and-true timber battens and hankered for “a fine waterfall of stainless-steel”. Box worked with her on a system to brace the steel tubing top and bottom to comply with building requirements.


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  1. Simon Browne on July 8, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Do you have a photo looking through the bracing in the bedroom? It would be good to see what the fuss was about. thanks.