Behind-the-scenes of a Box™ build

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If those who write blogs are called bloggers, are the people who read them called ‘the blogged’? If you’re part of this collective, you’ll have been keeping pace with our own Peter Cosnett’s home build at Hekerua Bay on Waiheke. Peter is Box™ sales and marketing manager which puts him in the unique position of being both an employee and a client (he admits to feeling a little schizophrenic at times). We are pleased to say that he has now moved in but here is how things stood only a couple of weeks ago…

“It has been 16 months since Peter and his partner signed on the dotted line and we’re at that stage where things are progressing in leaps and bounds. The foundations are laid, the framing is up, the concrete floors are laid and polished, the cedar cladding is looking grand and the house is closed in, watertight with walls that have been lined. In keeping with the expected Rollercoaster Journey (look out for upcoming article), we asked Peter some pertinent questions about his ‘customer experience’ so far…

Highs: Roof on, house glazed and doors that can lock

Lows: monthly progress payments, mortgage rapidly increasing

Twists and turns: with my Box™ client hat on, not seeing progress happen fast enough – or not seeing any changes in between my daily site visits – with my Box™ employee hat on, knowing that a lot of time has been spent on small fixing details..

Brakes on: … still unsure of the whereabouts of the coloured glass for the internal atrium!

Finish line: Expected to be in on the 8th of April – date been pushed out to 22 April. Looking forward to seeing the interiors coming to life… ”

If you’d like to find out more about getting your own Box™ home, email us on or call us on 09 520 5030.