Choosing Joinery: Six decisions to make

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So ALL Box™ joinery is in aluminium right? Correct. But there are still many decisions to be made.

  1. Black. Silver. White: About 95% of homeowners go for our matt black joinery. And there’s a good reason for that. Not only is black in keeping with the low-key cladding of our homes, but it doesn’t reflect light. As a recessive colour, it does not detract the eye from any view through the glazing.
  2. Standard aluminium frame or insulated (thermally broken) frame: If you live in the centre of the North Island, or down South, insulated will make a toasty difference. In Auckland, the value/cost proposition isn’t as great. You will typically pay an extra $10-$15 K for a houseload of insulated frame windows.
  3. Standard double-glazing (with air between the panes) or argon gas-filled double glazing: See above.
  4. Full-length glass or vision rails: Vision rails naturally serve the purpose of safety in that small children are less likely to launch themselves through a window or sliding-door pane. But did you know that it is also less expensive to have vision rails because only the bottom panes need then be made of costlier toughened glass.
  5. Casement or awning: When side-hung casement windows are opened, they let the rain in. Awning windows are hinged at the top so are shower proof.
  6. Tinted or not: Tinting protects furniture from harsh UV and heat, particularly in a bach that gets closed up for long periods. Also helps with privacy.

We are very touchy about our modernist appeal so our strategy for joinery is:

  • Floor-to-ceiling glazing (except where there’s a bench seat). Always take the window up to the ceiling so there are no bulkheads or lintels on view – in keeping with our streamlined aesthetic.
  • No transoms (the cross bar on glazing) positioned at eye level when seated or even lazing in bed.
  • Louvres in bathrooms and laundries for cross-ventilation (also can be left open while maintaining security.)
  • Tall slot windows are a Box™ trademark. We just like them.