Stuck in the Middle with You

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If you’re a business owner or a service provider, here’s something to think about. In your field are you a Product Leader, Customer Intimate or do you concentrate on supreme Efficiency? Of course, most companies achieve some measure of all three but, the truth is, they can usually only focus on one. This becomes their ‘selling point’ or ‘point of difference’.

Box™ occupies a unique niche in the design-and-build marketplace. Our post-and-beam system of construction, prefabricated elements and focus on modular sizing has made us a Product Leader. Our homes have a consistent look and feel, yet they are still personalised. We see our architects not as artists but as editors – shaping and defining a kitset of parts to suit.

Generic house builders, on the other hand, may concentrate on Build Efficiency – but do they build for quality and offer long-term value?

If money is no object, you would no doubt approach an architect whose Customer Intimate service would deliver a knock-your-socks-off, bespoke home. But you’d have no certainly of cost except that it would be significantly higher than ours.

So really, Box™ occupies the middle ground – a grand place to be in Middle Earth – delivering an innovative, good-quality product at a reasonable price. Can’t say fairer than that.