Be part of the One Percent

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Feeling generous? If not, why not? Box™ is excited to be part of the One Percent Collective, a simple way to support Kiwi charities by automatically donating a percentage of our income.

Wellingtonian Pat Shepherd launched the collective after a life-changing year spent teaching art and photography to refugee kids in Thailand. He came home then came up with a plan to combat donor fatigue by making giving easy and fun. We like the way Pat combines creativity and generosity because it fits with our view of the way to do business.

In the midst of designing and building houses, it’s easy to focus on first-world problems, the details that sometimes go wrong; or on how much we owe, rather than how much we have. The One Percent Collective gives 100 per cent of donations to a selected group of charities – plus you get to attend inspiring events and be part of a family of like-minded good souls.

We’ve encouraged Box™ staff to sign up on a personal level and you’re invited too. Check it out here:

The good news is: you still get to hold on to 99 per cent of your income! So go on. You know you want to. And remember, generosity is what keeps the thing we own from owning us.