Summer Sipping

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We gathered a few ideas from our well-versed crew to see what they’ll be imbibing on the beach.
Dan Heyworth, CEO: Lots of sea-water as I flounder around in the surf. (Actually, we know he’s partial to a Garage Project Pukka IPA).
Jean Bartosh, office and showhome manager: Whilst Martinborough might be famous for its Pinot Noir, I recently discovered Te Kairangi Chardonnay 2014 on an e-bike trip around the vineyards. The safest way to wine taste…”
Sam Elliot, interior designer: I’m a bit of a fan of Greygoose vodka served with frozen grapefruit ice cubes from my tree outside and topped up with some soda water for a nice wee summer treat! Perhaps a bit of mint on top from the herb garden, too.
Claire McCall, PR: “Tongue in Groove 2013 Riesling, made in the Waipara Valley, is a fairly extravagant but brilliant summer tipple.” Buy it and good wine shops or online from if you want it cheaper. Far too good to decant into our water bladders on our three-day canoeing adventure down the Whanganui River though!
Tim Dorrington, architect: Martini Rosso on the rocks. Classic and simple.
Matt Chernishov, project management: Whitikau Valley side stream water treated with a Katadyn Micropur water filter from a scrunched up sprite bottle.