Beat Rising Building Costs

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The decision to build is a big deal. With escalating land and material costs and a tight labour market, it seems would-be homeowners who venture down that particular real estate path are on the back foot. But it needn’t be that way. At Box™, we’ve spent more than a decade developing a business model that gives our clients the confidence of knowing how the end product will turn out – and how much it will cost.

One reason we can offer such certainty is that we are an all-in-one team of architects, designers, quantity surveyors and builders – so we work on projects as a well-coordinated team.

Another reason is that we recognise the time-saving, waste-reducing benefits of off-site construction. When it comes to budgeting, bespoke is not bliss.

Some ideas to achieve your dream home within a fixed financial framework include:

Building smaller: Don’t get hooked on how much space you think you need based on what you may be living in currently. Flow, light, proportion and good design will change your perception.

Be clear on the contract: Fix as many of the home construction costs as you can. Substantial earthworks are, generally speaking, the only item that cannot be fixed. Using a design-and-build company allows a more manageable, singular package.

Change your mindset: Kiwis are sold on bespoke and very few realise the real possibilities of using a modular system and off-site construction. Houses can still be personalised but the efficiencies of building certain elements in a factory are significant.

Get together: Pooling financial resources with friends or relatives is a way to build the house you want, in a location you love. Many Box™ clients have teamed up with their parents to build a main house and a mini-me version.