Custom Design or Modular Design?

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An introduction to Modular vs Custom design

Let’s get one thing clear: whatever the process you’re still going to get the trademark Box™ modernist DNA and some fantastic design. The main difference between the processes is that CUSTOM is more traditional in terms of the architect design and build process and gives you ultimate design freedom. MODULAR design is based on rules for building off-site (prefab) and is therefore more restrictive, but faster and cheaper.

We’ve put together a flowchart here, for a real quick guide to whether you are firmly in the Custom camp or whether Modular prefab is an option for you.

Custom Design or Modular Design Home Flowchart Guide

Custom Design or Modular Design Home Flowchart Guide

The costs of either approach are likely to be different too. Read more in our rough guide to build budgeting.

You are likely to be Custom if:

  • your site is difficult to access by large truck or crane
  • you have specific design ideas or needs
  • you want a bespoke architectural design
  • time and budget isn’t the main concern
  • you are south of Hamilton or North of Whangerei

You are likely to be Modular if:

  • you like the idea of cost certainty and quick build
  • you are willing to compromise on a few architectural details
  • you have a moderately flat and easy-to-access site
  • you like the Box™ design DNA

Box™ is a team of designers and builders in Auckland. If you have more questions, please give us a call on 0800 717 717. We’d be happy to meet, take you through the options and help decide which service is right for your project.