Box™ hot on Renovations

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As the summer scorcher rolls on, Box™ is taking on an ever-increasing amount of renovation work as part of new extensions.

So, due to popular demand we are officially opening the doors to owners wishing to renovate their homes.

Christopher Watt has managed the construction side of the Box™ business for two years and previously ran a construction company in the UK which specialised in renovations.

“I’m really excited about this additional service – we have a great design team and construction team and a depth of experience to deliver projects that are often complicated and technical due to the unknowns of an existing structure”.

Having designed and built hundreds of homes over the last 8 years, the Box™ team has a wealth of experience, talent and passion for architectural buildings.

If you are considering a renovation then get in touch with the Box™ team of architects, designers and builders and see how we can help transform your existing home. Phone 09 520 5030 or email