A Box™ by any other name

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Adapting to the changing winds and shifting sands of the construction game is what has made
us a successful boutique player in this high-stakes arena for close to a decade. And 2018 is no exception.

Written by Claire McCall

You may know that Box™ is the only company in the country that is registered with both the Master Builders Association and the New Zealand Institute of Architects. So…whereas we have always built our own designs, we have grown to a point where we now have the facility (and the people power) to take on building contracts for third-party clients. Which means our expertise in putting homes together can now be offered to a broader market.

On the other side of the coin, our design team has expanded so that we no longer have to disappoint homeowners who don’t want to build brand new – but are considering a major renovation that will bring a well-loved home along with them into the future.

So if you already have a plan designed and it’s going out for tender, or if your little corner of the world could do with an extension to accommodate the entire whanau and you’d love the Box™ treatment, give us a call. A box by any other name would be just as sweet.