10 Ways to Explore the Beauty of Built-In

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The Beauty of Built-In Furniture

Written by Claire McCall

Frank Lloyd Wright was infamous for wanting to direct every aesthetic aspect of his clients’ lives (including the artwork they chose to put up) and, while we’re not advocating such control freaked-ness, we do agree with him on one thing: his desire to design the furniture that inhabited ‘his’ homes.

Our take on this, though, is to build in elements that you normally wouldn’t expect to be part of the package. And that’s because there are so many positives to built-in furniture:

  • Streamlined and therefore space-saving
  • Fits seamlessly with the style of the architecture
  • Can be customised to suit your precise needs
  • Can be cheaper than buying a freestanding piece from another supplier

Most of our bespoke-designed pieces are made from marine-grade ply to give a contemporary look that is durable while simultaneously adding warmth to the material palette. While the majority of Box™ homeowners opt for our built-in kitchens and bathrooms (including cabinetry and vanities), there are other exciting ways to incorporate a piece that becomes part of the architecture.

Here are 10 ideas for starters (but we have plenty more):

  1. A bedhead that doubles as a room divider to separate the sleeping zone from the master suite or walk-in wardrobe.
  2. Built-in bed and bedside tables. By keeping the side tables off the floor, the room looks and feels more spacious.
  3. Bunk beds for kids’ bedrooms or holiday homes can be sized to fit perfectly into the width of a room so no wasted leftover space.
  4. Bench seats can be positioned to take advantage of a view or a sunny spot and they provide much-needed extra storage.
  5. A built-in 50-style diner is a place for family to gather and eat and negates the need for a separate table and chairs.
  6. A room divider made up of open shelving can also act as display space.
  7. Floating bathroom vanities can be under-lit to give the room a lovely ambience at night.
  8. A side-board with shelving above can be made from the same product as the kitchen cabinetry to tie in the materials in an open-plan living zone.
  9. Cabinetry that extends as shelving into the shower box is an innovative idea that enhances functionality.
  10. Don’t forget the outdoors when you’re considering built-ins. Bench seating is an obvious feature but one of our tricks is to devise wide, grand-stand style stairs that not only connect the house to the garden, but often get used as impromptu seating areas too.