NEW 12-unit development ’90 Swaffield’

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Box™ is super proud to be working with one of New Zealand’s more ambitious and considered developers on a new 12-unit development ’90 Swaffield’

It’s not often that developers come to us with an agenda of quality, design and social conscience, but these guys have been able to make it work. Over the last 18 months we’ve been working to get the product right. It’s simply about doing the basics well – a mixture of thoughtful design using our in-house designers and builders, choosing the most appropriate construction method and problem solving as we go along. Nothing fancy, just solid, cost-effective results. We want to see more from these guys who have a healthy attitude to development, and have the opportunity to improve the product with them and drive down cost over time. 
If you are interested in purchasing then here’s the link to the 90 Swaffield website.