Reshaping Architecture

How it all began

When American architect Frank Lloyd Wright predicted in 1908 that in the future, architecture would have fewer forms, fewer lines and yet be more articulate, pure and elegant, he was right on the money. Wright’s Usonian houses and the Bauhaus movement went a step further and attempted to merge elegant design with the benefits of efficient construction and mass production. It is this idea that became the founding principle of BoxTM Design & Build.

The fundamental question is: “How do we bring affordable architecture to more people?” It is a failure of the business of design and construction that less than 3% of residential homes are designed by architects. That’s not to say that the other 97% is terrible, but when you look at the quality of the current housing stock, the performance of the homes, the shortage of houses particularly in the ‘affordable’ segment and the high cost of building, there is something obviously wrong that needs to be fixed. To fix it we need a different approach to the way homes are designed and built.

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Dan Heyworth


Nat Jakich

Director | Project Coordinator

Nat Holloway

Director | QS

Christopher Watt

General Manager of Box™

Andrew Senn

New Projects

Caitlin Barlett

Design Lead

Tim Hogarth

Design Lead

Tony Borland-Lye

Manager of Box™ Design

These are the friendly faces you are likely to see on your journey with us.

BoxTM was borne from the collective skills of the four company partners – an architect, builder, project manager and innovator. The goal was to fuse the businesses of architecture and construction - to get architects to start to think like builders and vice versa. Then, by using elements of repetition in both the technical design details and the process of building, we would make the process faster and more cost certain.

BoxTM is the only combined registered architectural practice and registered master builder in New Zealand. The company was formed in 2008 and has designed and built hundreds of homes all around New Zealand.