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Box™ is an Integrated Design and Construction Team, we are a group of Designers, Quantity Surveyors and Builders all working together in a co-operative atmosphere to deliver a premium build experience at a fair cost.

How we do this is constantly changing and no two projects are ever the same but we have been driving innovation for over 10 years and that is why we are No. 1.

Take this case study as an example, this is a home that has been built and occupies a fantastic site on the North Shore of Auckland. With 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, 3 bathrooms and a study the design brief was extensive and on a long and narrow site the day to day build was going to be a challenge.

During the design revisions within Design Stage One our Quantity Surveying team (the costing guys!) identified a number of design opportunities that if addressed would deliver cost savings to the client without affecting the end design result, some space reshuffles on the first floor in co-operation with a re-configure of the house bathroom with the approval of our client delivered a saving of 10.1% from the Estimate given in the first cycle of stage one in our design process. The end use of the home was not compromised nor was the design brief, these were changes only made possible by the Quantity Surveying team and Build team speaking candidly with the Design team, not via email from one office to another but face to face in the same room.

Our clients are essential to this process, by working with Box™ with trust, transparency and an understanding that reviews will be needed the cost of building a designed home that delivers both financial value and living comfort throughout its life can be minimized.






160 sqm

NB: Contact Box™ for details specific to your project. Images are artist's impression only.