Design bites

A collection of writing, musings, video and information about everything we do at Box, and reflections on the industry in general.

A journey in decision making

The design decisions we make when building a home aren’t always based on fashion or finance. Sometimes they hark back to our childhood.

Building Your Budget

Developing an understanding of the costs involved in building a new home is a process not that different from the one involved in completing the design and build process.

How Box Saves You Money

In short: by not re-inventing the wheel on each project and working efficiently as an end-to-end design and build company. Do you think that architects

A Simple (ish) Plan

Box™ has now designed over 250 architectural houses and you would have thought that we could start repeating ourselves. Not so.

All-Day Parking

Unless you were a local, you’d never know that behind the street façade of this home, is a leafy-and-lovely view of Grey Lynn park. Admittedly it looks a little different to its colonial-era neighbours.