A collection of writing, musings, video and information about everything we do at Box, and reflections on the industry in general.

A Simple (ish) Plan

Box™ has now designed over 250 architectural houses and you would have thought that we could start repeating ourselves. Not so.

All-Day Parking

Unless you were a local, you’d never know that behind the street façade of this home, is a leafy-and-lovely view of Grey Lynn park. Admittedly it looks a little different to its colonial-era neighbours.

Into the Closet

When it comes to home design, hero rooms such as the kitchen or outdoor entertainment area, tend to steal the limelight. But we think the

Compare Apples with Oranges: Understanding m²

When someone gives you a ‘square metre’ rate, it is often impossible to know what is included in this. How do you accurately compare one company with another, when there is no common definition of cost per square metre?