Equal part architect, equal part builder. Builders who design. Designers who build. This was the seed of Box: a firm belief that the best way to produce livable and lovable homes was through builders, designers and customers working closely together, not against one another. Success comes through an understanding, appreciation and trust of each other’s […]

Beyond the Cost of Housing in New Zealand

If you’re seriously in the market to build a new house, you’ve probably already investigated the cost-per-square metre of various architects, design-and-build outfits or group house builders. It’s a figure prospective homeowners seem to become fixated on and, far apart from the fact that it’s often an erroneous measure of evaluation (there are no industry […]

Keeping it Real

A cluster of cabbage trees stretching into the sky, against a backdrop of islands and ocean, is an iconic indicator that locates this property immediately in New Zealand. The Cordyline australis that grow here are well-loved because the owners of this spectacular site are not only nurturers of nature but keen gardeners too. When they […]

Storing the Printed Word

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks, beseeched Dr Seuss. Here are some rather more stylish ways to store the printed word. IT’S A WRAP Books and media go together like birds of a feather and so shelving in a TV den is a great match. Not […]

Built-in beauties

Seats and windows go together like coffee and doughnuts, but they’re not just a place to soak up the sun or gaze out at the view – they’re the ultimate multi-taskers  Frame the moment  If you have a view worth celebrating, no matter if that’s a sweeping vista across an open ocean to the far […]

Design Bites – May

What got us thinking:  Earlier this year, the British Government hosted a design competition entitled Home 2030 to tease out ideas for affordable, efficient and healthy homes of the future. If they expected mind-blowing, original concepts in return, they were to be sadly disappointed. The themes we have been talking about for decades came through: […]

As we were saying….

The term ‘form follows function’ is used so frequently in architectural discourse that is has become as clichéd as ‘indoor/outdoor flow’. So what does it actually mean?When architect Louis Sullivan (a pioneer of the American skyscraper) coined the phrase in 1896, he originally used the words “form ever follows function” and the simple premise was […]

Subdividing land

The process of subdividing and then building a house can appear daunting if you have never done it before, which is why Box™ is here to hold your hand at each step. The jargon itself is confusing – subdivision consent, land-use consent, resource consent, building consent – so many consents and which one do I […]

Box – The Architect Builder

The Principle of the Architect Builder“The backbone of the process of production we envisage is a new kind of professional who takes responsibility for the functions which we now attribute to the architect, and also, for the functions which we now attribute to the builder.He is responsible for the detailed designs of the houses, and […]

The dos and don’ts of building in a heritage zone

When it comes to building in city-fringe suburbs where villas and bungalows predominate, protecting Auckland’s architectural heritage is important. But that doesn’t mean slavishly copying the design ideas of the past. Showing respect is a given but equally vital is to create good-looking homes that key into the wider neighbourhood without compromising lifestyle. When zoning changed under […]