Design Bites – June

A modernist escape for the stars, the blackest black on Earth and a modular future (or is it?) What has inspired us: They call it “the epicentre of midcentury architectural and design experiences” and that’s not just marketing hype. Modernism Week in Palm Springs is the business for modernist addicts! The annual 11-day event (I […]

The Joy of Difficulty – Design & Building on a Sloping Section

How we tackle a problematic site Is there such a thing as the perfect site? That depends on how you look at it. While many believe a roomy, flat section is the ultimate find, Box™ designers would argue that having challenges to face actually gives them some interesting parameters to work with. Under pressure, we […]

The Money and The Box

Mortgage adviser John Schumacher of Loan Market in Kingsland shares his insights into what to think about when applying for, and signing up to, a home loan on a design-and-build project.  No surprises The quality of the company you are dealing with is vitally important to the bank. Are they reputable, not a fly-by-nighter? Banks […]


What’s inspired us: It’s not often you can buy an off-the-shelf product that helps fight the housing crisis and the climate crisis all in one go. But IKEA aims to do just that with its eco-responsible trailer-mounted tiny house. Box™ has always admired the ethos of the Swedish company’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who was born on […]


You gotta love an A-frame. Alphabetically speaking, they’re at the front of the pack but we’d also give these cute, characterful buildings an A for architectural merit. And an A+ for artfulness. Although the A-frame began life as a rudimentary structure in Europe, China and the South Pacific, it really rose to the top of […]