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Box™ and M2 Magazine

By Andrew Senn | 20 December 2019

It’s great to be working with M2 Magazine. Take a look at the Box™ articles in M2Woman channel pages. Design Excellence

Designed for you – and the Neighbours

By Tony Borland-Lye | 13 December 2019

Architecture that embraces the shape of families and their futures should also look outwards – and be a good citizen of the built environment The…

Three Cheers for our Peers

By Andrew Senn | 03 December 2019

At Box™, the pursuit of excellence is a habit we encourage so we are always happy to give credit where it’s due. At the recent…

Building Your Budget

By Andrew Senn | 03 October 2019

Developing an understanding of the costs involved in building a new home is a process not that different from the one involved in completing the…

Beyond the Cost of Housing in New Zealand

By Andrew Senn | 02 October 2019

If you’re seriously in the market to build a new house, you’ve probably already investigated the cost-per-square metre of various architects, design-and-build outfits or group…

How Box™ Saves You Money

By Andrew Senn | 26 September 2019

In short: by not re-inventing the wheel on each project and working efficiently as an end-to-end design and build company. Do you think that architects…

Designed Around YOU! – A Box™ Mindset

By Andrew Senn | 18 September 2019

New Zealanders love to create – they’re not the sit back and let-it-happen sorts. Innovation and action is in their genes. That’s why when it…

Frequently Asked Questions

By Andrew Senn | 13 September 2019

What budgets do you build for? Box™ has worked with building cost budgets from $500k to $3m. Typically, total project budgets are between $750,000 and…

Proud Box™ Team!

By Box™ | 15 August 2019

The team were super excited to win 3 Golds and 1 Category Winner at the NZ House of the Year Awards on Saturday 10th August.…