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Behind the Scenes of a Box™ Build in Matakana

By Lea | 10 April 2018

Our Box™ Home Every journey begins with a single step. It feels like our first step took place about 6 years ago. I won’t bore…

Housing supply: An Indian Case Study

By Lea | 15 March 2018

Written by Claire McCall We were pleased to hear that an advocate of low-cost housing had been named the winner of architecture’s most prestigious award…

Bigger than the sum of its parts

By Lea | 15 March 2018

Tiny Gem! Written by Claire McCall Small houses are big news – which is as it should be. We’ve always believed that, with clever design,…

10 Ways to Explore the Beauty of Built-In

By Lea | 11 March 2018

The Beauty of Built-In Furniture Written by Claire McCall Frank Lloyd Wright was infamous for wanting to direct every aesthetic aspect of his clients’ lives…

Fly My Pretty

By Lea | 01 March 2018

Our First Workshop-Built Home Written by Claire McCall It was with enormous pride (and admittedly a little trepidation) that last month we installed our first…

Take it to the Top

By Lea | 28 February 2018

What has climbing a mountain in Africa got to do with Box™? Well, if we’re honest, not a lot, although we could draw parallels with…

A Box™ by any other name

By Lea | 27 February 2018

Adapting to the changing winds and shifting sands of the construction game is what has made us a successful boutique player in this high-stakes arena…

Box™ hot on Renovations

By Lea | 22 February 2018

As the summer scorcher rolls on, Box™ is taking on an ever-increasing amount of renovation work as part of new extensions. So, due to popular…

Box™ Feature in NZ House and Garden Magazine

By Lea | 25 January 2018

Bright Spirit Colourful hand-painted birds and flowers and vivid fabrics create a sunny holiday mood. Read the full NZ House and Garden article. Words Claire…

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