Building Your Budget

Developing an understanding of the costs involved in building a new home is a process not that different from the one involved in completing the design and build process. It is highly unlikely that a single brochure or conversation will answer all your questions or give you options however with the application of a process…

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How Box™ Saves You Money

In short: by not re-inventing the wheel on each project and working efficiently as an end-to-end design and build company. Do you think that architects are expensive – with little regard to building efficiency and cost? Or that house building companies are better priced, but disinterested in design? Architects are expensive, often 10% to 15%…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What budgets do you build for? Box™ has worked with building cost budgets from $500k to $3m. Typically, total project budgets are between $750,000 and $1,300,000.   Do you give a fixed cost to build a house? Yes. We fix the cost for all construction work, with the exception of works in the ground –…

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Compare Apples with Oranges: Understanding m²

When someone gives you a ‘square metre’ rate, it is often impossible to know what is included in this. How do you accurately compare one company with another, when there is no common definition of cost per square metre? GST. Architects are notorious for not including GST in their rates Siteworks. Does it include earthworks,…

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What should I budget for a new house?

When building a new house the ‘How much should I budget?’ is a simple question for which there is no definitive answer. As a result, it is often frustrating for owners and in return leads to mis-information from builders, designers and house companies trying to sell you their service. Since the building site, brief and…

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Efficient Design Build Process

Since we do design, costing, construction, management under one roof, we are in control of the process from start to finish. We’re responsible and accountable from the very beginning which makes things straight forward for you – there’s only one company to point the finger at! Since the teams work so closely together and we do…

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