What To Expect When You’re Building New

If you’ve never built before, it can be a daunting commitment. If you want the experience to be a positive one, here are some questions to ask upfront before you choose to enter the design-and-build relationship. 1. At a high level, how does your overall process – from commencement to completion of work – operate? […]

The lowdown on construction drawdowns

Building a home is an exciting challenge, and financing it doesn’t have to be daunting. Together with Kiwibank, we’ve compiled this no-jargon beginner’s guide to construction loans. For many people, building their own home is at the top of their wish-list. They dream of a place that will express their style and embrace their lifestyle. […]

The Money and The Box

Mortgage adviser John Schumacher of Loan Market in Kingsland shares his insights into what to think about when applying for, and signing up to, a home loan on a design-and-build project.  No surprises The quality of the company you are dealing with is vitally important to the bank. Are they reputable, not a fly-by-nighter? Banks […]