Back to the future of housing

If Box™ co-founder Dan Heyworth could wave a magic wand to solve the big issues facing the design-and-build industry, what would he do? In this interview with Ryan Castle from Master Builders, Dan looks for answers. Q: Box™ bucked the traditional model by combining an architecture practice and construction company under one roof. Has it worked? […]

Why William the Conqueror is partly to blame for our housing problems

The quest to create affordable housing in New Zealand is an interminable dilemma. But as Dan Heyworth writes, the issue comes from the old British feudal land system on which ours is based. Recently I was involved in a project that responded to government calls to use off-site manufacturing to bring affordability to the housing […]

Divine Details

After 15 years in business, Box™ is well-known for our architectural builds that stand out from the crowd. Getting the big-picture design working well – the orientation, the spatial qualities, the context – while making homes that look the business, is integral to what we do. But we also love figuring out the finer details […]