What’s afoot?

Well, quite a lot really. A fantabulous array of flooring options for a start. The choosing can be confusing, so here we give you our ground-zero take on the considerations:  Cue the concrete Concrete floors aren’t suitable for houses built on piles: in effect, it’s the foundation slab that’s ground to create the polished concrete floor. […]

Window gazing

Look in or look out, but whatever you do, take a second look. Good glazing is not only practical, but it can plump up the aesthetic volume in your home. Slide it wide When Kiwis embraced the original ranch slider in the 1970s, they were marketed as a maintenancefree option. Still, it wasn’t all peaches […]

Counter Culture

Get the kitchen you deserve with these 8 great design ideas from Box.™ Shape of the moment: Once was a time when U-shaped kitchens were the most alphabetically attractive layout. The thinking was they delivered more storage. However, that extra space to hide clutter lies in the deep recesses of the U, so was always […]

It’s All About The Money – Design & Build Cost

It may seem gauche to launch into talking about money from the get-go but, when you’re considering a residential architect and builder, for what is probably the biggest investment of your life, cost is always front of mind so it’s bound to come up sooner or later. We prefer sooner. Really we do. And when […]

Beyond the Cost of Housing in New Zealand

If you’re seriously in the market to build a new house, you’ve probably already investigated the cost-per-square metre of various architects, design-and-build outfits or group house builders in New Zealand. It’s a figure prospective homeowners seem to become fixated on and, far apart from the fact that it’s often an erroneous measure of evaluation (there […]

Keeping It Real – House Design & Build

A cluster of cabbage trees stretching into the sky, against a backdrop of islands and ocean, is an iconic indicator that locates this property immediately in New Zealand. The Cordyline australis that grow here are well-loved because the owners of this spectacular site are not only nurturers of nature but keen gardeners too. When they […]

Box – The Architect Builder

Design Builder Architect Principles The hugely influential architect and design theorist, Christopher Alexander, described the role of the architect-builder over 30 years ago.  “The backbone of the process of production we envisage is a new kind of professional who takes responsibility for the functions which we now attribute to the architect, and also, for the […]

Designed Around YOU! – Home Design & Build with Box

New Zealanders love to create – they’re not the sit back and let-it-happen sorts. Innovation and action is in their genes. That’s why when it comes to the design of their own homes, in general, they’re pretty involved. We get that. Our architectural team moulds our design and build to your lifestyle and your ideas. […]

The Joy of Difficulty – Design & Building on a Sloping Section

How we tackle a problematic site Is there such a thing as the perfect site? That depends on how you look at it. While many believe a roomy, flat section is the ultimate find, Box™ designers would argue that having challenges to face actually gives them some interesting parameters to work with. Under pressure, we […]