What’s afoot?

Well, quite a lot really. A fantabulous array of flooring options for a start. The choosing can be confusing, so here we give you our ground-zero take on the considerations:  Cue the concrete Concrete floors aren’t suitable for houses built on piles: in effect, it’s the foundation slab that’s ground to create the polished concrete floor. […]


Architects stand up for a cause, the invention of the ‘twindow’ and a modernist icon up for grabs What got us thinking: “We deplore the Russian invasion of Ukraine and as a result have stopped work on all our projects in Russia.” A statement, written in pencil and posted online, was how UK architecture studio […]

Window gazing

Look in or look out, but whatever you do, take a second look. Good glazing is not only practical, but it can plump up the aesthetic volume in your home. Slide it wide When Kiwis embraced the original ranch slider in the 1970s, they were marketed as a maintenancefree option. Still, it wasn’t all peaches […]

Counter Culture

Get the kitchen you deserve with these 8 great design ideas from Box.™ Shape of the moment: Once was a time when U-shaped kitchens were the most alphabetically attractive layout. The thinking was they delivered more storage. However, that extra space to hide clutter lies in the deep recesses of the U, so was always […]

Divine Details

After 15 years in business, Box™ is well-known for our architectural builds that stand out from the crowd. Getting the big-picture design working well – the orientation, the spatial qualities, the context – while making homes that look the business, is integral to what we do. But we also love figuring out the finer details […]

New magazine

Download the Box Magazine The Box Magazine can be viewed on the link below. The magazine showcases a number of new projects as well as our evolving philosophy around design and build. Thanks to our suppliers; Chesters, Carters, Boston Wardrobes, McWatt, Archtech, Door + Window Systems, Vienna Woods, and Kiwi Bank for their amazing support! […]

How the interiors process works

You’ve seen the interior house design projects by Box™ right? The way they look so cohesive and complete and well, just darn fantastic actually. We can’t take all the credit because, while our clients come to us for our design smarts, they generally tend to be the type that want a fair bit of say […]


As we often say, “all projects go really well until the budget gets in the way”. The proverbial money pit of house building is not one you want to fall into, so now, more than ever before, we are spending time to estimate and re-estimate projects in the face of price increases. Shortly into the […]


The world’s tiniest apartment, a new plastic that’s fantastic (or is it?), and another reason to visit Christchurch  What got us thinking: We were bemused and then a little horrified to read that a seven-square-metre ‘microflat’ in a Victorian terraced house in London had recently sold for 90,000 pounds ($178,000). Within this diminutive volume, there’s […]


They speak of summertime, beersies and best friends, but decks are more than just a platform for fun. Here’s what to weigh up When your average Kiwi hears the term ‘outdoor living’, they immediately think of a deck (yes, we all know the joke about New Zealanders loving a big deck). But Box™ architect Joshua […]