What’s afoot?

Well, quite a lot really. A fantabulous array of flooring options for a start. The choosing can be confusing, so here we give you our ground-zero take on the considerations:  Cue the concrete Concrete floors aren’t suitable for houses built on piles: in effect, it’s the foundation slab that’s ground to create the polished concrete floor. […]

Counter Culture

Get the kitchen you deserve with these 8 great design ideas from Box.™ Shape of the moment: Once was a time when U-shaped kitchens were the most alphabetically attractive layout. The thinking was they delivered more storage. However, that extra space to hide clutter lies in the deep recesses of the U, so was always […]

Divine Details

After 15 years in business, Box™ is well-known for our architectural builds that stand out from the crowd. Getting the big-picture design working well – the orientation, the spatial qualities, the context – while making homes that look the business, is integral to what we do. But we also love figuring out the finer details […]

How the interiors process works

You’ve seen the interior house design projects by Box™ right? The way they look so cohesive and complete and well, just darn fantastic actually. We can’t take all the credit because, while our clients come to us for our design smarts, they generally tend to be the type that want a fair bit of say […]

Shadow Boxing

The house that this young family built echoes the bach that once stood on this North Shore land Leah Goddard’s daily walk during lockdown was both a delight and a frustration. One the one hand, it felt like freedom to temporarily vacate the compact 1950s home Leah, her husband Chris and their two children, Evelyn […]

Colour in Architecture

Box™ advocates incorporating a splash of rainbow attitude into your new build or renovation Black is not back Any colour as long as it’s black. While that is a broad-brush statement, this does seem to be the motto of architects everywhere – you see it in their clothes and in their cars so little wonder […]

Six Tricks with Lighting

Lighting might not take top billing when it comes to the wishlist that will make a space your own, but it is one of the most magical aspects of design – your chance to effect a Tinker Bell moment using the fairy dust of light. When designing for light, some only focus on the practical […]

Into the Closet

When it comes to home design, hero rooms such as the kitchen or outdoor entertainment area, tend to steal the limelight. But we think the quiet achievers deserve some acknowledgement too. Your average wardrobe is, well, not so average. Dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly realise that, when it comes to planning, ratio wise […]