A festival to bring architecture and art to our darkest days, a social enterprise that puts the future-perfect into furniture, and a neo-Romanesque gem in the middle of our biggest city. What’s got us excited: The Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival takes place around the country in May and June this year and it’s […]


Architects stand up for a cause, the invention of the ‘twindow’ and a modernist icon up for grabs What got us thinking: “We deplore the Russian invasion of Ukraine and as a result have stopped work on all our projects in Russia.” A statement, written in pencil and posted online, was how UK architecture studio […]

New magazine

Download the Box Magazine The Box Magazine can be viewed on the link below. The magazine showcases a number of new projects as well as our evolving philosophy around design and build. Thanks to our suppliers; Chesters, Carters, Boston Wardrobes, McWatt, Archtech, Door + Window Systems, Vienna Woods, and Kiwi Bank for their amazing support! […]


As we often say, “all projects go really well until the budget gets in the way”. The proverbial money pit of house building is not one you want to fall into, so now, more than ever before, we are spending time to estimate and re-estimate projects in the face of price increases. Shortly into the […]


Big-time binging with a new on-air architecture platform; commercial conversions hold the answer to more vibrant cities and drifting dwellings on the horizon. What got us watching: If you have Netflix, Neon, Amazon and Apple TV, you might think you have the streaming universe sussed but now… along comes a service dedicated to those who […]


Anyone who has teenagers will understand the need for a home that is bigger than 100 square metres. When Rosie and Steve Maskell bought their 1920s bungalow 16 years ago, adolescent antics weren’t part of the priority list. They just knew that the Ponsonby house was in a great location to walk or bike to […]


If the last few weeks are anything to go by, and NIWA predictions are correct, summers are set to get longer and hotter. Temperature data across eight decades confirms this trend and so, whether designing a family home in the suburbs or a holiday escape at the beach, keeping cool needs to be up there […]

Design Bites January

Windows that harvest heat, a better cohousing future (if only the government would get on board) and a must-see fashion exhibition with a twist of modernism What got us interested: The world’s energy needs are ever increasing and human activity, in the developed world at least, is causing a climate crisis. So, any product that […]

Design Bites November

The grooviest gift for lovers of mid-century design, a wish-we-had-it-here cycling storehouse, and a heritage icon in Christchurch that’s a must-visit if you’re in town What’s got us inspired: Tim Ross may not be a name many New Zealanders have heard of, but across the ditch he is known as a passionate advocate of modernist […]

Design Bites October

Exploding an architectural myth, online learning to expand your horizons, and fantastical yet future perfect building with bamboo   What’s got us thinking: If you’ve ever studied design or art, or even if you’re just an enthusiast, you’ll no doubt have heard of the ‘golden ratio’. It’s a magical, mathematical equation that is said to be […]