A Double Dose of Design

The densification of Auckland encouraged by the Unitary Plan comes laced with both challenge and opportunity. The best pathway through the complexities of fitting more homes into a suburban context is good design. This property in the seaside suburb of St Heliers east of the city was typical of its era – an 804-square-metre site […]

Sun sun sun – here it comes

In uncertain times, people crave stability – and in the first instance, most look for it at home. Those who already have a stash of pantry staples squirreled away (and let’s face it, a couple of bottles of wine too) as per advice in the civil emergency guidelines, or who have nurtured a veggie garden […]

Colour in Architecture

Box™ advocates incorporating a splash of rainbow attitude into your new build or renovation Black is not back Any colour as long as it’s black. While that is a broad-brush statement, this does seem to be the motto of architects everywhere – you see it in their clothes and in their cars so little wonder […]

Shelter in place

Robyn and Leighton Langley felt conflicting emotions as they stood road-side on a wet and somewhat blustery day and watched a gigantic mechanical arm lift their bedroom pod up and over a specimen pohutukawa to its place on their section. On the one hand they felt very excited; on the other, it was the most […]

The Cutting-Room Floor

There are some projects that get so far and then, for one reason or another, are given the chop. Here Box™ architect Tony Borland-Lye laments two exciting homes that never got to step into the spotlight. METRO MARVELOUS In the city-fringe suburb of Grey Lynn, there is heritage, and there are people who appreciate contemporary […]

Looks Good, Does Good

We asked four Box™ team members to highlight some memorable style-setting and pragmatic design details of homes they’ve worked on. Secrets and surprises Ensuring a building is weathertight is an important part of the role for architectural technician Conor O’Brien, who has been draughting up Box™ homes on the computer for three years now. As […]


Equal part architect, equal part builder. Builders who design. Designers who build. This was the seed of Box: a firm belief that the best way to produce livable and lovable homes was through builders, designers and customers working closely together, not against one another. Success comes through an understanding, appreciation and trust of each other’s […]

Beyond the Cost of Housing in New Zealand

If you’re seriously in the market to build a new house, you’ve probably already investigated the cost-per-square metre of various architects, design-and-build outfits or group house builders. It’s a figure prospective homeowners seem to become fixated on and, far apart from the fact that it’s often an erroneous measure of evaluation (there are no industry […]

Keeping it Real

A cluster of cabbage trees stretching into the sky, against a backdrop of islands and ocean, is an iconic indicator that locates this property immediately in New Zealand. The Cordyline australis that grow here are well-loved because the owners of this spectacular site are not only nurturers of nature but keen gardeners too. When they […]

Storing the Printed Word

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks, beseeched Dr Seuss. Here are some rather more stylish ways to store the printed word. IT’S A WRAP Books and media go together like birds of a feather and so shelving in a TV den is a great match. Not […]