We are fortunate to have designed and built many beautiful homes and developed wonderful relationships with our customers over the years. During this time we have refined the way we work to take into account the fact that each project is truly unique.


We always carry out a mini workshop to understand a bit more about the site and your brief. We do a high-level costing exercise with you and design the most appropriate process depending on whether you are subdividing, building new or adding to an existing dwelling. At the end of this meeting you will have a pretty good feel for whether Box is the right partner for your project.

We draw on the experience of hundreds of projects and while no two projects are ever alike, we will no doubt have something that gives us a good starting point in terms of design, cost and process.


The design stage is split into a number of independent phases, including prototyping, detailed design, consenting and pricing. All projects go well until the budget becomes an issue, so our process aims to get to grips with costs as early as possible.

Our experience as designers and builders helps us balance design flair with practical building knowledge to make the construction as efficient as possible.

Our in-house design team will take you through the design, interiors, specification and consenting process, while our project managers ensure that everything runs according to plan.


We employ builders, apprentices, foremen and project managers who understand the level of care and skill we expect on each project. Our robust health & safety and quality assurance processes ensure that the house is built to our designs and project plan.

Most of our work is carried out as a fixed-price contract and comes with a Registered Master Builder guarantee.


We are proud of each home we design and build and we often say that the build is incidental to the relationship. What we mean by that is our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the completion of your home. It continues long after the project is complete, through the maintenance period and in a number of cases, we have helped customers market their Box home to buyers many years later.

Our maintenance guidelines and product information at handover give you the tools to care for your home long after taking possession and we will always respond to issues from our customers, who we consider to be part of the Box family!