Designing and building a home is an exciting, educational, expensive and often anxious process. So it pays to make sure you’re partnered with the right company.
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Box is a unique company, in that we are an in-house design company, as well as an established construction company. For us, designing and building must be a ‘collaboration’ between architect / designer, builder and you, to produce a  design, that has flair, and is practical and cost-efficient to build. Our architects and designers are involved in the build process in the same way our builders and supply team are involved in the design. And because it all happens under the same roof, there are no gaps for issues to fall into. We are responsible for fixing any issues and errors, and ensuring that the whole experience is enjoyable, educational and one to remember for all the right reasons!

We are strong on relationships. Not only with our customers, who become part of the larger Box Family, but also the suppliers and wider network of tradespeople.

Designing your home

Our difference is that when our architects or designers begin to design, the Box project management team has already carried out due-diligence on the site, the brief, the budget and the practical issues that could trip us up or cause additional cost down the road.

Beautiful, light-filled design is at our core, but unlike most custom design projects we are always aware that the design ‘tail’ mustn’t wag the dog. Good architecture is a result of our design team working closely with you, your site and understanding the practical realities of how buildings go together.

We have a simple process which starts with a concept stage, where sketches and initial designs are created and costed, followed by a detailed design stage where interior design and full specifications are drawn up and consents are lodged. 

Each project has its own momentum. Usually from the start of design to beginning  to build is a 6 to 10 month process, depending on the size of the project, the types of consent required, and the speed at which you are comfortable to progress.

Building your Home

The designer of your home is alongside you for the entire build process. As Registered Master Builders, Box has a track record of delivering beautiful homes and subdivisions, predominantly in the Auckland region. Each house is unique, managed by our in-house project managers, builders and designers who work through the process to deliver your design vision.

The time and cost to build is very much driven by site factors. Box are experienced with sloping sites, which often require additional time to establish services and foundations before the house building starts. Each project runs to a controlled project schedule, and you are updated on schedules and costs as the project progresses.

You are an integral part of the process, regularly meeting with the designer on site to confirm or make important decisions as well as observe & enjoy the build process.

Projects tend to take between 7 months and 12 months to build depending on the size, complexity and site characteristics.

Opening a new design build home in NZ

Cost to Design & Build

One of our mantras from many years of custom house build experience is that ‘all projects go well until the budget becomes an issue’. Box homes sit somewhere between your typical standard house company product and high-end architect prices. So as of today, that usually means somewhere between $5k and $8k per square metre as a total project cost (which includes the non-construction costs, site-works, house build and external build costs). You will no doubt have seen and heard a number of wildly varying rates and it is very difficult to compare like-for-like

Get in touch with us at an early stage so we can explain how we price construction, to understand all the different cost elements, or how to maximise value. Prior to each project commencing we will discuss typical and current build costs and perform an initial due diligence before we start designing, to ensure we can deliver to your expectations. The quote we provide is detailed, so you have the information to question individual line items and understand how we arrive at the final cost.

New Zealand Designed and Built Home

Beyond the Build

We are proud of each home we design and build, and we often say that the build is incidental to the relationship. What we mean by that, is our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the completion of your home. We look after those who become part of our Box family. It’s a relationship that continues long after the project is complete, through the maintenance period and in a number of cases, we have helped customers market their Box home to buyers many years later.

Our maintenance guidelines and product information at handover give you the tools and information to care for your home long after taking possession, and we will always respond to issues from our customers, who we consider to be part of the ever-growing Box family!

If you have questions about the process, please get in touch. We’re happy to spend time with you to see if we are a good fit!