How Box Saves You Money

In short: by not re-inventing the wheel on each project and working efficiently as an end-to-end design and build company.

Do you think that architects are expensive – with little regard to building efficiency and cost? Or that house building companies are better priced, but disinterested in design?

Architects are expensive, often 10% to 15% of the cost of a project. What you are paying for is their design expertise and experience in designing hundreds of homes. They know what works. However, architects have their own areas of interest – some are particularly good on aesthetic design (how the house looks), while others are good on house performance and construction techniques. Some are more artistic, some more technical and some good project managers. When using an architect it’s important to find one that corresponds with what you are after – a crafted artistic masterpiece or an example of high performance, pragmatic architecture? Each architect led project is very much a ‘one-off’, which is why design costs are so high, however, it is a fair reflection of the amount of work involved (there are very few wealthy architects).

Building companies have the process of construction nailed. They are often very good at co-ordinating the materials and trades involved in construction and are conscious of efficiency, craftsmanship and working with slim margins. Their low-risk approach to construction limits them to set materials and ways of building – methods that are understood by all builders and low risk to build.

Sometimes this leads to underwhelming design outcomes and people feel restricted or disappointed that they could not have certain things they asked for.

Our mantra is to bring together the best of both worlds and meet somewhere in the middle while offering a ‘one-stop shop’.

Box™ is driven by design, yet pragmatic enough to design with efficiency and affordability in mind. We would compare ourselves to architects, but with the ability to provide costings throughout the process and work as a design-build team from start to finish. It is common for our builders to spend time with our designers reviewing plans before the designs ever reach a building site, we do this so our designs are buildable, efficient and will stand up to NZ conditions.

You therefore save money as a result of:

  • Lower design costs than the recommended NZ Institute of Architects fee
  • Quantity surveying (costing) for a fixed fee, no matter how many revisions you do
  • Design and build to particular measurements to reduce waste
  • Box details that have been tested for their robustness and efficiency to build
  • Less time and stress – only one company to hold to account!

Our body of work and happy clients speaks for itself and we are always looking to learn, improve and reduce the cost to build a house without sacrificing the quality of design.

By Box
June 28, 2021

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