There's so much more to learn when it comes to building your new home

Before you dive into the time and costs of a new home-build or renovation, a streamlined workshop is a sensible option to:

  • Understand what you can build on your property
  • Develop a thorough brief
  • Know what budget you will need
  • Find out if the project is feasible
  • Get to know how Box™ works
  • Use our experience from hundreds of projects

You should allow up to 1.5hrs for the workshop, which is held at our office where we have access to council information and many examples of past projects.

Usually, you will have a section, but we also do consultations as part of due-diligence when considering the purchase of land.

The consultation can be tailored to suit your particular interest, or level of understanding of the process.
The agenda typically covers:


Site characteristics and zoning


Your design brief


Budget breakdown - what costs to expect


Typical schedule


Review of any existing documentation


Questions Next Steps

We will document discussions and send to you after the workshop.
The consultation cost is $175 inc. GST. This is payable at the time of the consultation