Our projects

Big or small, flat roof or gable, eaves or minimalist – we love beautiful design and crafted buildings. Our aim is to build the best home specifically for you and your site, while establishing a clear budget early in the process. We can design your home any way you want it, we just won’t do ‘average’.

Rewind and Redefined

It’s a familiar story: when youngsters enter the picture, the excitement of the big-city dream tends to pale. Childhood memories of beaches, open space and

Floating amongst the tree tops!

This family house sums up Box™ in many ways. Discrete, elegant, not too big and full of modernist flavor. The owner, a graduate architect himself

Holiday at Home!

There comes an age and a stage in life, usually when Empty Nest syndrome hits, that a radical reinvention is called for. The clients of

The Large House

The design creates year-round shelter from the local winds, while the low-slung shape of the house keeps it sitting unobtrusively within the landscape on top

A Box Classic

The house has 2 bedrooms, with a further master ‘suite’ at the opposite end of the house, lording over the views to the west. The

Wrap Around Views

Box has designed a concept using four rectangular modules positioned to enclose a central atrium – a design that could also be configured to form

Floating in an Ocean of Green!

Low-slung in the landscape, this container-like home initially gives little away. Beneath wide skies on a pocket of hilly land near Whareora, a 15-minute drive

Double-pronged Approach!

This weatherboard bungalow on a generous site in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden was typical of its time and painted pretty pastel blue. Small

Shelter in place

Robyn and Leighton Langley felt conflicting emotions as they stood road-side on a wet and somewhat blustery day and watched a gigantic mechanical arm lift