Material Madness (and how we’re dealing with it)

You may have read in the news that a) the building industry is going gangbusters and b) we’re hamstrung by supply issues. Both are true. Here, three of the original founders of Box™ share their thoughts about what that means for business in the new normal. Dan Heyworth : Director, New Projects After nearly 12 […]

What To Expect When You’re Building New

If you’ve never built before, it can be a daunting commitment. If you want the experience to be a positive one, here are some questions to ask upfront before you choose to enter the design-and-build relationship. 1. At a high level, how does your overall process – from commencement to completion of work – operate? […]

Back to the future of housing

If Box™ co-founder Dan Heyworth could wave a magic wand to solve the big issues facing New Zealand architects and house builders in the design-and-build industry, what would he do? In this interview with Ryan Castle from Master Builders, Dan looks for answers. Q: Box™ bucked the traditional model by combining an architecture practice and construction […]

Do we really need to rip up our house building textbook?

OPINION: In the first century AD, the author, engineer and architect Marcus Vitruvius’ multi-volume book de Architectura (On Architecture)covered such diverse topics as urban design, how to build aqueducts, and optimising your sundial. Showing remarkable prescience, he makes a point of explaining how to build walls with a cavity to prevent buildings from leaking or growing mould. […]

Shelter in place

Robyn and Leighton Langley felt conflicting emotions as they stood road-side on a wet and somewhat blustery day and watched a gigantic mechanical arm lift their bedroom pod up and over a specimen pohutukawa to its place on their section. On the one hand they felt very excited; on the other, it was the most […]

Project Diaries

Project diaries are intended to provide a narrative picture of our new builds on handover day. No furniture, no landscaping!

The Joy of Difficulty – Design & Building on a Sloping Section

How we tackle a problematic site Is there such a thing as the perfect site? That depends on how you look at it. While many believe a roomy, flat section is the ultimate find, Box™ designers would argue that having challenges to face actually gives them some interesting parameters to work with. Under pressure, we […]