As we often say, “all projects go really well until the budget gets in the way”. The proverbial money pit of house building is not one you want to fall into, so now, more than ever before, we are spending time to estimate and re-estimate projects in the face of price increases. Shortly into the […]

What To Expect When You’re Building New

If you’ve never built before, it can be a daunting commitment. If you want the experience to be a positive one, here are some questions to ask upfront before you choose to enter the design-and-build relationship. 1. At a high level, how does your overall process – from commencement to completion of work – operate? […]

It’s All About The Money – Design & Build Cost

It may seem gauche to launch into talking about money from the get-go but, when you’re considering a residential architect and builder, for what is probably the biggest investment of your life, cost is always front of mind so it’s bound to come up sooner or later. We prefer sooner. Really we do. And when […]

The lowdown on construction drawdowns

Building a home is an exciting challenge, and financing it doesn’t have to be daunting. Together with Kiwibank, we’ve compiled this no-jargon beginner’s guide to construction loans. For many people, building their own home is at the top of their wish-list. They dream of a place that will express their style and embrace their lifestyle. […]

Beyond the Cost of Housing in New Zealand

If you’re seriously in the market to build a new house, you’ve probably already investigated the cost-per-square metre of various architects, design-and-build outfits or group house builders in New Zealand. It’s a figure prospective homeowners seem to become fixated on and, far apart from the fact that it’s often an erroneous measure of evaluation (there […]

The Money and The Box

Mortgage adviser John Schumacher of Loan Market in Kingsland shares his insights into what to think about when applying for, and signing up to, a home loan on a design-and-build project.  No surprises The quality of the company you are dealing with is vitally important to the bank. Are they reputable, not a fly-by-nighter? Banks […]